Building Your Business with Burman by Amanda Burman

Building Your Business with Burman

Building your business on firm ground can make or break the dream of success. Slowly and part time is how I built this dream. I would stay up late and research websites lingo, and how to pay taxes. Let me share with you what I wish I had known when I started, I can save you a few long nights for hair pulling, and tell you how I did it, what I did wrong, and even off some advice on time management.


"The way you teach makes it easy to attack any client situation. I feel more prepared and excited for my next shoot. Your course is worth every penny. Thank you for helping me set myself up for success" 
"Moved at a nice pace!  Felt content was explained well and concise.  A lot of info put into terms that were easily understood.  Would definitely recommend! Thanks!"
"I love all the information! I learned so much, especially how to feel more confident with my small business financials. There is so much I want to do now, I can't wait to build my business, not on borrowed land!"

Chapter 1

This chapter covers much of what you need to build a foundation of success for a photography business. Pay close attention to the boundaries unit, saying no is actually saying yes. 

Chapter 2

Without clients, it would be called a hobby. Let me tell you my secrets to connecting with clients and truly honoring those who trust me with their memories.

Chapter 3

Session flows are so important, your business will be solid, your clients will be happy, but how will you stay organized? This chapter is all about staying sane as an business owner, and I give you links to all my favorite life saving products and websites! 

What's included?

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Building Your Business with Burman - Introduction
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Chapter 1
Building Your Business with Burman - Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
Building Your Business with Burman - Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
Building Your Business with Burman - Chapter 3
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