Building a Wedding Timeline with Burman by Amanda Burman

Building a Wedding Timeline with Burman

I have shot almost 100 weddings, and I can tell you the best thing I can bring to a wedding is not a fancy new camera, it is a solid timeline. Building a timeline with your couple is crucial to your success on the wedding day (and beyond). Let me share with you the tips on setting up a timeline and how I share these documents to create a space where the couple feels like they have been heard and supported.

Why should I learn how to make a timeline?

You have an opportunity to share your expertise beyond photography, you have the ability to partake in excitement with the couple as the share their special plans, and you can offer feedback unlike any vendor. 

How do you build a timeline?

I have a three question set up where I can gather enough information to make a skeleton of a timeline and then have the couple add the details. I have had more positive feedback from timeline building from brides and family members than any other facet of a wedding day, other than pictures of course. 

What's included?

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